inlingua Trainers

Professional and highly motivated trainers make up the third element that contributes to your learning success. inlingua is well aware of their importance and selects its trainers very carefully. Only native language speaking trainers, regularly trained in the inlingua Method and material experts are allowed to train at inlingua.

Through intensive customer feedback, the trainer is continuously able to adjust contents and course plans according to the respective requirements

inlingua operates a comprehensive Teacher Training Network (ITTN). This internal training system ensures that all trainers are trained within the framework of the inlingua-method regularly and are made familiar with the latest developments from our international training centre in Bern. All inlingua trainers are also part of the international Inlingua online network. They are able to benefit from the knowhow and experience of thousands of other trainers worldwide.

The 10 inlingua training principles

  1. Only the target language is used.
  2. The main training strategy is learning through speaking. The focus on writing and reading is dictated by the learner’s needs.
  3. Learners speak more than the trainer.
  4. Learners acquire language skills through examples and practice rather than theoretical explanations.
  5. Trainers check the extent of the learner’s knowledge before teaching new material. Learners are tested regularly.
  6. Trainers tailor lessons to the individual needs of learners.
  7. Learners can be creative and participate in real communication during a lesson.
  8. Trainers correct mistakes in such a way that learners develop skill in self-correction and learn to use the language independently.
  9. Trainers use a variety of teaching techniques to keep the learning atmosphere positive.
  10. Student books are closed during most of a lesson.