English courses

Group CodeDayTimeRoomCourse BeginTrainerWeeksmax. p.
July 2020
Advanced Conv.Tu/Th13:00-14:15Virtual07.07.2020Robert410110,-
Intermediate BusinessM/Th17:00-18:15Virtual06.07.2020Robert410110,-
Advanced BusinessTu18:00-19:15Virtual07.07.2020Robert41055,-

Summer Levels

CEFRLinlinguasummer course
BeginnerBeginnerLet's try
A1, A21Elementary
B12Intermediate, German LPE Preparation
B2, C13Advanced

For groups with fewer than 5 participants the following conditions apply:

2 participants = 1 session à 75 minutes per week

3 participants = 2 session à 50 minutes per week

4 participants = 2 sessions à 60 minutes per week