Our courses are tuned to the needs of our students. They suit different learning environments from individualized personal training to homogeneous group courses.

The inlingua IAEA language programme offers a wide range of training possibilites. Intensive, once and twice a week.

The vast majority of our semester courses take place during your lunch break. For example, from 11.45 – 13.00 or from 13.00 – 14.15. We also have courses in the early morning at 8.15am and in the evening at 5.00pm. A semester course lasts 16 weeks. We are sure that you’ll be able to find the right course to suit your level and schedule.

We can offer even more flexibility for those who wish to have individual training. One-to-one classes can be booked from 8.00am until 6.00pm Monday to Thursday and from 08.00pm until 2.00pm on Fridays depending on trainer availability.

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