Why inlingua Vienna?

Why learn German in Vienna?

Vienna is the capital of Austria with a population of nearly 2 million. Situated on the banks of the river Danube, it is a thriving, modern and cosmopolitan city. It is also one of Europe’s safest cities to visit and live in.

The climate in Vienna is central European, summers can be hot and humid, winters bring some snow and ice. The average annual precipitation is 10000mm.

Vienna is a very easy city to get around in. The public transport system is modern, cheap and efficient. You should be able to reach inlingua within 20 minutes of leaving your chosen accommodation, whether it be a hotel, hostel or host family.

Of course everybody associates Vienna with music. Even today, it plays a very important role in the life of the Viennese. During your stay you’ll be able to take in a hint of the musical tradition which makes the city such a special place. inlingua can also help you make the most of your stay by helping to organize tickets for the events of your choice.

Particularly during the summer months, Vienna offers the language student hundreds of possibilities for cultural events and trips. Your stay would not be complete without a visit to one of Vienna’s wine gardens, the world famous Prater, the palace of Schönbrunn, or maybe a day-trip to the Wachau.

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