Terms & conditions

Conditions of enrollment


The ‘inlingua method’ is unique – you learn to speak and think only in your new language right from the start. Without shyness, you learn the natural use of the new language, without having to think in your mother tongue. You learn vocabulary and grammar in connection with realistic situations of everyday life.

The ‘inlingua method’ under instruction of a native-speaking trainer motivates you to achieve a high language fluency in a specific environment – this is the only way to ensure that you optimally achieve your language objectives.


Our padogogical center in Bern develops material for the more than 300 inlingua centres worldwide. More information is available regarding method and materials on our homepage www.inlingua.at and www.inlingua.com

Group size:

3 – 8 students per group. Should there be only two registrations on a particular level, the number of lessons will be shortened by one third. In case of only one registration for the group, lessons will be reduced to one half of the scheduled number.

Individual instruction – 1-to 1 training:

Scheduling is flexible. Lessons can be arranged or cancelled with the office by phone till 4:00 p.m. the weekday before. Any lessons cancelled or not taken after this time will be charged.


As a result of the use of specialized materials, participants are able to start and/or continue their studies at any of our centres worldwide.


25% of course fees are payable on enrolment, the balance latest 2 weeks before course begin. If a course is booked less than 3 weeks before begin, all fees are due immediately.

All bank charges are to be borne by the client.