Language courses

Our teaching gets you talking.

Placement tests

You’d like to take a course but you’re not sure about your level!?

Participants in all courses are placed according to their active language skills. This enables us to have small, homogenious groups right from teh word go!

Please contact us for an appointment. Outside Austria, your local inlingua centre can also test your level. Personal placemnet test normally take 20 – 30 minutes with a studnet advisor.

If you are not curerntly in Vienna, or you don’t have time to come to our office to can take an online test. Online tests are completed by thousands of our studnetsv every week. the tests aer completely interactive, respond to your answers and never the same twice.

For German, English, Spanish and French courses you can use the following link:

inlingua online test

When registering for the online test please make sure you indicate that the results should be sent to ‘Vienna’. That way we’ll easily be able to find your results.