Language courses

Our teaching gets you talking.

The «inlingua-Method»

inlingua began developing its own language training method as far back as 1968. Over the last 50 years, millions of students have benefited from language courses using this unique, direct approach.

Traditionally, learning language means analyzing grammatical structures and memorizing theory. Then the student begins to commit vocabulary words to memory and translate written texts. But he or she still can’t speak!

The inlingua Direct Method begins where others leave off: with the spoken word. It is an inspired teaching approach geared to practical communication skills. You and your trainer speak German, or the language of your choice, from the very first minute. Real-life situations and carefully structured role-plays keep you thinking in your new language.

Professional and highly motivated trainers make up the final element that contributes to your learning success. inlingua language trainers have mother-tongue proficiency in the language they teach. They are all trained by inlingua experts in how to apply inlingua’s unique language training methods and use our specially designed material with individuals or small groups.