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Participants in all courses are placed according to their active language skills.

We currently have courses in all languages in the UN levels 1-7 (CEFL A1 – C2)

For German, English, Spanish and French courses you can take an ‚online test‘ here.

Please make sure you click on YES for the question

“Do you want us to send your result to the inlingua center of your choice?”

Then select Austria and Vienna.

Placement tests for all other languages can be taken by appointment.

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Arabic courses

Group CodeDayTimeRoomCourse beginTrainerWeeksmax. p.
AN1Tu/Th11:45 - 13:00F2F F091026.09.2023Khadija168325,-
AN2/3Tu/Th13:00 - 14:15F2F F091026.09.2023Khadija168325,-
AN4/5M/W11:45 - 13:00F2F F091025.09.2023Khadija168325,-
AN6/7M/W13:00 - 14:15F2F F091025.09.2023Khadija168325,-
A AdvancedW14:15 - 15:15F2F F091027.09.2023Khadija168235,-

Chinese courses

Group CodeDayTimeRoomCourse BeginTrainerWeeksMax. p.
CN1W13:00 - 14:00F2F F090827.09.2023Jiagu168325,-
CN2W11:00 - 12:00F2F F090827.09.2023Jiagu168325,-
C PerfectionW12:00 - 13:00F2F F090827.09.2023Jiagu168325,-

English courses

Group CodeDayTimeRoomCourse BeginTrainerWeeksmax. p.
E ElementaryM/W11:30 - 12:45F2F F090425.09.2023Robert1610325,-
E IntermediateTu/Th11:30 - 12:45Virtual26.09.2023Robert1610325,-
E AdvancedTu/Th13:00 - 14:15Virtual26.09.2023Robert1610325,-

Business English

Group CodeDayTimeRoomCourse BeginTrainerWeeksmax. p.

French courses

Group CodeDayTimeRoomCourse BeginTrainerWeeksmax. p.
FN1 (fully booked)M/W11:45 - 13:00F2F F098325.09.2023Aurelie1615270,-
FN2M/W13:00 - 14:15F2F F098325.09.2023Aurelie1615270,-
FN3Tu/Th13:00 - 14:15Virtual26.09.2023Florian168325,-
FN4Tu/Th11:45 - 13:00Virtual26.09.2023Aurelie168325,-
FN5Tu/Th11:45 - 13:00Virtual26.09.2023Florian168325,-
FN6Tu/F11:45 - 13:00Virtual26.09.2023Olivier168325,-
FN7Tu/Th13:00 - 14:15Virtual26.09.2023Aurelie168325,-
Group CodeDayTimeRoomCourse BeginTrainerWeeksMax. p.
GN1AM/W08:10 - 09:25Virtual25.09.2023Nathalie168325,-
(fully booked) GN1BM/W11:45 - 13:00Mix (M virtual, W F2F F0981)25.09.2023Barbara1615270,-
GN1DTu/Th17:00 - 18:15Virtual26.09.2023Kristina1615270,-
(fully booked) GN2AM/W08:10 - 09:25Virtual25.09.2023Julia168325,-
GN2BTu/Th13:00 - 14:15Mix (Tu virtual, Th F2F F0981)26.09.2023Dennis1615270,-
GN3ATu/Th08:10 - 09:25Virtual03.10.2023Melanie168325,-
GN3BM/W13:00 - 14:15Mix (M virtual, W F2F F0981)25.09.2023Barbara1615270,-
GN3DTu/Th17:00 - 18:15Virtual26.09.2023Dennis/Melanie1615270,-
GN4ATu/Th08:10 - 09:25Virtual26.09.2023Dennis168325,-
GN4BM/W13:00 - 14:15Mix (M virtual, W F2F F0902)25.09.2023Julia1615270,-
GN5DM/W17:00 - 18:15Virtual25.09.2023Madlen1615270,-
GN6BTu/Th13:00 - 14:15Virtual26.09.2023Julia1615270,-
GN6CM/W13:00 - 14:15Mix (M virtual, W F2F F0906)25.09.2023Thomas1615270,-
GN7CTu/Th11:45 - 13:00Mix (Tu virtual, Th F2F F0981)26.09.2023Dennis1615270,-
Advanced ConversationM13:00 - 14:15Virtual25.09.2023Dennis1610235,-

Italian courses

Group CodeDayTimeRoomCourse BeginTrainerWeeksMax. p.
IN1M/W11:45 - 13:00Virtual25.09.2023Lorenzo168325,-
I ElementaryW/F13:00 - 14:15Virtual27.09.2023Lorenzo168325,-
I AdvancedM13:00 - 14:15Virtual25.09.2023Lorenzo168325,-

Japanese courses

Group CodeDayTimeRoomCourse BeginTrainerWeeksMax. p.
JN1M/W13:00 - 14:00Virtual25.09.2023Nobuko168325,-
JN2Tu/Th12:00 - 13:00Virtual26.09.2023Nobuko168325,-
JN5Tu/Th13:00 - 14:00Virtual26.09.2023Nobuko168325,-
JN7M/W12:00 - 13:00Virtual25.09.2023Nobuko168325,-
J AdvancedF12:00 - 13:00Virtual29.09.2023Nobuko168325,-

Russian courses

Group CodeDayTimeRoomCourse beginTrainerWeeksMax. p.
RN1Tu/Th11:30 - 12:45F2F F090726.09.2023Natela168325,-
RN2Tu/Th12:45 - 14:00F2F F090726.09.2023Natela168325,-
RN4M/W12:45 - 14:00F2F F090725.09.2023Natela168325,-
RN7M/W11:30 - 12:45F2F F090725.09.2023Natela168325,-

Spanish courses

Group CodeDayTimeRoomCourse BeginTrainerWeeksMax. p.
SN1M/W13:00 - 14:15Virtual25.09.2023Max1615270,-
SN2Tu/Th11:45 - 13:00Virtual26.09.2023Martin1615270,-
SN3Tu/Th13:00 - 14:15Virtual26.09.2023Max168325,-
SN4Tu/Th13:00 - 14:15Virtual26.09.2023Martin168325,-
SN6M/W11:45 - 13:00Virtual25.09.2023Max168325,-
SN7Tu/Th11:45 - 13:00Virtual26.09.2023Max168325,-
S AdvancedWtbaVirtual27.09.2023Max168235,-

Course costs do not include learning materials.
For groups with fewer than 5 participants the following conditions apply:
2 participants = 1 session à 75 minutes per week
3 - 4 participants = 2 sessions à 60 minutes per week

I have read and accept the terms and conditions for course organization, reimbursement and refunds.